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On Campus Roaming
  • Give mobile users secure, effortless Wi-Fi connectivity across public and private corporate wireless networks
  • Enable zero-configuration Wi-Fi, so your users don't have to reconfigure their system for different SSIDs or security settings as they move across different Wi-Fi networks
  • Centrally enforce your security policies across your local wireless LANs—before allowing access

Wi-Fi connectivity helps keep employees in touch—across the corporate campus and around the world. The problem has been that, until now, workers have had to use one connection interface on campus and a different one (or two or three) when accessing public Wi-Fi hotspots. This has lead to user confusion, misconfigurations, more calls to the help desk, lower productivity and ultimately higher costs.

Give Users a Single Connection Experience
iPass solves these problems with its On Campus Roaming service, which integrates your on-campus wireless LAN with your iPass connectivity solution, covering dial-up, broadband, Wi-Fi hotspots and 3G mobile data. With iPass On Campus Roaming, users enjoy a single, consistent connection experience across all access types—whether they're connecting from an office in the next building or a sidewalk café on the Champs-Élysées. They also enjoy zero-configuration Wi-Fi, meaning they don't have to reconfigure their system for different SSIDs or security settings as they move across different Wi-Fi networks.

Simplicity isn't reserved for just users—IT managers enjoy more convenience as well. Centralized policy management and billing are made available through the iPass Portal. And deploying On Campus Roaming is a snap for current subscribers to the iPass Mobile Office service. In fact, an automated push of your custom directory that lists your on-campus access points is about all it takes.

Protect Your Network Resources
Security is ensured through support for best-in-class solutions. Flexible authentication options include Active Directory, RADIUS and LDAP. The On Campus Roaming service is also VPN-compatible and supports MD5, TTLS, LEAP and PEAP for authentication and WEP, WPA TKIP and WPA AES for security.

Enforce Security Policies Before Allowing WLAN Access
The On Campus Roaming service leverages the capabilities built into the iPass Mobile Office service. As such, you can use the iPass Portal to centrally configure and enforce security and access control policies, such as ensuring users are running VPNs, personal firewalls and anti-virus packages prior to admitting access. You can also check and update user software over the wireless LAN through the Device Management service.

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