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iPass Services

iPass delivers global mobility services that connect users in over 169 countries through a single, unified login. This unified login integrates strong authentication, endpoint remediation, network protection and patch management. Our services cover all popular access methods, including dial-up, Wi-Fi hotspots, hotel Ethernet, 3G mobile data, corporate wireless LANs and home broadband connections. Finally, all configuration, reporting and billing is consolidated within a single Web-based portal, simplifying service lifecycle management.

iPass Mobile Office

Give your mobile workers a safe, simple and reliable way to access the Internet and corporate network over 95,000 dial-up, Wi-Fi hotspot and hotel Ethernet broadband connections in over 169 countries. IT managers gain peace of mind knowing that centrally managed policies for access, security and usage let them control how, where and under what conditions users connect.

iPass Mobile Office Give mobile employees a safe, simple way to connect around the world.

  • Take advantage of the world's largest virtual network including dial-up in over 160 countries and, together with the T-Mobile® HotSpot network, over 78,000 Wi-Fi hotspot and Ethernet hotel broadband locations
  • Maintain control over how users connect while leveraging your existing security investments

Now your mobile workers can have safe, simple and reliable access to network resources from virtually anywhere, over 78,000 wired and wireless connections with the iPass Mobile Office service. Our core mobile connectivity service lets users enjoy a simple, always-familiar connection experience in major cities and business centers around the world. It also spans diverse access technologies, including dial, Wi-Fi hotspots and wired broadband. Equally important, IT managers gain centralized policy-based management, end-to-end security enforcement.

iPass Mobile Office features include:

  • iPassConnect™ Universal Client. Make it easy for your mobile users to get connected on the road, at home and in the office. Outfit them with the iPassConnect universal client—a unified interface that can tie together remote connectivity, credentials security, endpoint policy enforcement, NT domain login and VPN launch into a single 1-click process.
  • Global Coverage. Gain global connectivity and increased productivity over the world's largest virtual network. iPass works with some 300 providers to bring you access at over 78,000 access points today including Wi-Fi, Ethernet and much more.
  • Mobile Data Service. Give users as many access options as possible by enabling them to access corporate resources through cellular network technologies. Mobile data cards are supported both on and off the iPass network so users get a consistent interface while IT gains consolidated management, policy enforcement and detailed billing for this emerging access method.
  • On-Campus Roaming. Integrate your on-campus wireless LAN with your iPass Mobile Office solution. Users gain a consistent connection experience, whether they're connecting from the company courtyard or from halfway around the world.
  • intelligent Online Reporting (iOQ®). This real-time reporting tool is your window into iPass service usage across all access methods. IT managers gain detailed deployment, usage and quality reporting based on the patented iPass Service Quality Management system.

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