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iOQ Advanced Reporting
  • Detect problems earlier and troubleshoot connection problems faster by monitoring actual end-user connection experiences over wired and wireless links

  • Lower help desk and troubleshooting costs

  • Restrict who receives access to iOQ® data through the secure iPass Portal with fine-grain controls

Help desk and support costs comprise a major expense within any IT organization. The iPass intelligent Online Quality (iOQ) service helps your support staff detect problems earlier and troubleshoot connection problems faster. This can result in specific and measurable cost savings in network management and support time, personnel resources and network infrastructure expenses.

The iOQ service lets your IT managers monitor the experiences of end users connecting to the iPass global virtual network. Through the iPass Portal, IT managers gain detailed deployment, usage and quality reporting based on the patented iPass Service Quality Management system, which collects information from every user connection attempt. This reporting helps facilitate troubleshooting, improve customer service and proactively address user connectivity issues.

Securely Access iOQ Data over the Web
Help desk and technical support personnel can access iOQ data through the SSL-secured iPass Portal. Fine-grain access controls, support for hierarchical groups and audit trails allow your IT staff to specify which help desk staff members receive access and which reports they can view. Additionally, access to the iOQ service is password protected, with a temporary account lockout after five invalid attempts.

How It Works                              

  • A module within the iPassConnect™ universal client automatically captures detailed status and usage information during every connection attempt—both successful and unsuccessful. This information includes session data, device information and additional data fields for wireless sessions.

  • Every time a successful connection is made, the module uploads the information to the iPass Service Quality Management (SQM) system, which forms the database for the iOQ service.

  • IT managers then log in to the iPass Portal to access iOQ data and generate detailed reports, customizing dozens of information fields. These comprehensive reports can be used for root-cause analysis, identifying training needs and financial analysis.

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