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iPassConnect™ Universal Client
  • Simplify remote and mobile connectivity with a single, consistent user experience across device platforms and access technologies
  • Integrate Internet access, AAA and VPN login processes for a single sign-on experience
  • Empower help desk staff with connection usage and performance reports to accelerate troubleshooting.

Enterprise mobility continues to expand the boundaries of business. It's taking worker productivity to new heights while pushing IT staff to their limits, as they try to manage the growing complexity of networks, access technologies and devices.

That's where the iPassConnect universal client can help. Installed on end users' notebooks and handheld devices, this award-winning software simplifies user access, unifies connectivity and streamlines support in home, mobile, campus, branch and retail locations.


  • Give mobile users a single, consistent login experience whether they're connecting via Wi-Fi, 3G mobile data, hotel Ethernet, home broadband, corporate wireless LAN or dial.
  • Provide zero-configuration wireless connectivity that automatically detects Wi-Fi and mobile data networks within range. Even available Ethernet connections are detected and presented to the user.
  • Enable users to connect to corporate resources easily and securely using their preferred device (supported devices listed below).


  • Integrate authentication and VPN login processes for a single sign-on experience.
  • Integrate patch management and anti-virus updates, without impacting the user's login experience, by adding the Device Management service.
  • Enforce VPN access, by combing iPassConnect with the Device Lockdown or DeviceID services.


  • Unify access control and receive one invoice for all connectivity over all networks, including home broadband, public Wi-Fi, corporate wireless LANs and other non-iPass Internet connections.
  • Empower help desk staff with connection usage and performance information through iPass intelligent Online Quality (iOQ) advanced reports to accelerate troubleshooting.
  • Minimize operational costs through quick and simple deployment and update capabilities.

Supported Platforms
With the iPass Mobile Office service, iPassConnect client software provides broad platform support, allowing users to choose their preferred device while receiving a single, unified connection experience over multiple access technologies. IT staff retain central control of all mobile and remote devices while receiving detailed connection quality metrics.

Current platforms supported by iPass include:

  • Microsoft Windows XP and 2000
    With iPassConnect for Windows automatic detection of available Wi-Fi, mobile data and Ethernet makes it easy to find access points. Users can configure the client to automatically connect to preferred home wireless, corporate LAN and 802.1x Ethernet networks. Optional Windows Live Logon configuration gives users the same functionality they're accustomed to having in the office. System Requirements
  • Windows Mobile 5
    Use iPassConnect on Windows Mobile 5 devices to for easy access to Wi-Fi, including home wireless networks and campus WLANs. Supported on the Pocket PC and Pocket PC Phone editions of Windows Mobile 5, iPassConnect gives users multiple access options through an intuitive connection interface. iPass also offers clients that support earlier versions of Windows Mobile. System Requirements
  • Mac OS X and Intel Mac
    Mac OS X users–including those running Intel processor-based machines—gain simple, reliable access to the Internet and corporate resources from thousands of Wi-Fi, Ethernet and dial access points the expansive iPass global virtual network. VPN integration means connections to the corporate network are protected. System Requirements
  • Symbian on Nokia Smart Phones
    With iPassConnect on Nokia devices, users can connect over cellular mobile data networks (WWAN) and higher-bandwidth Wi-Fi networks. They can even check email over Wi-Fi while taking a cellular call at the same time. There's no need to manually configure public hotspot connections—users simply choose an access point and supply their credentials. They can even connect to non-iPass networks.System Requirements

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