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Global Coverage
  • Enable users to access the iPass global virtual network through thousands of Wi-Fi, Ethernet, ISDN, dial and PHS access points in more than 160 countries
  • Count on redundant providers, iPass Enterprise Ready testing and the patented Service Quality Management system for safe, reliable connections
  • Give users a single, unified connectivity experience over all networks with the iPassConnect universal client

Today's workforce is increasingly mobile and needs access where business gets done, wherever that may be. Make sure your nomadic employees are outfitted with iPass Mobile Office so they can make the most of mobility.

Our core connectivity service links remote and mobile workers to your enterprise resources over the world's largest virtual network—and all they need is the iPassConnect universal client to get the connections they need from virtually everywhere they need access.

iPass integrates more than 300 provider networks into a single service covering over 78,000 access points today, including:

  • Over 78,000 Wi-Fi hotspot and Ethernet hotel broadband locations in over 70 countries, including venues from top-tier providers such as T-Mobile, iBahn, Wayport and AT&T Wi-Fi in the U.S.; T-Mobile, BT Openzone and the Cloud in Europe; Korea Telecom, NTT Japan Telecom and China Telecom in Asia.
  • 400 airports, including 76 of the top 100 busiest by passenger volume, and more than 16,000 hotels and conference venues around the world.
  • Thousands of dial access points in more than 150 countries including multiple redundant network providers in thousands of cities to protect against single-provider outages.
  • Mobile data providers in the United States and Singapore are part of the iPass network, with additional providers being added around the world. Mobile data providers that are not part of the iPass network can also be accessed through the iPassConnect universal client which includes integration of dozens of mobile data cards.

Focus on Wi-Fi Connectivity
The popularity of Wi-Fi is growing wildly. And it's no wonder. Wi-Fi lets enterprise workers connect to the Internet and corporate network while they travel around town or around the world.

iPass integrates Wi-Fi connectivity as part of the iPass Mobile Office service. It lets mobile users obtain the productivity benefits of using public Wi-Fi hotspots while protecting corporate assets and maintaining policy-based control over access. Count on Mobile Office to make your Wi-Fi connectivity solution:

  • Simple. Wi-Fi connectivity is built right into the iPassConnect universal client, which includes automatic hotspot detection, automatic Wi-Fi card configuration, VPN Auto-Connect integration and enterprise AAA integration.
  • Enterprise Ready. To further ensure a hassle-free user experience, iPass certifies all Wi-Fi hotspots in its network. Wi-Fi hotspot providers are only made a part of the iPass network when they've exceeded iPass standards for service availability, connection quality and security solution interoperability.
  • Secure. Protect connections over public links with policy-based security. Secure credentials during the login process, all the way from the client to the enterprise. Enforce the use of VPNs, personal firewalls and anti-virus programs. And through the iPass Device Management service, automatically update end-user devices with the latest operating system patches and security applications—before giving them corporate network access.
  • Cost-effective. Because iPass offers per-minute pricing across almost its entire network, you can avoid "day rate" charges for short user sessions. Our experience shows that your users can save an average of 60 percent per session. And for customers that want predictable costs for their Wi-Fi usage, iPass also offers unlimited flat-rate pricing in some regions.

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