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Mobile Data Service

  • Give users a consistent experience across mobile access technologies
  • Get one bill for mobile data services on the iPass network along with all other access types
  • Enforce the use of endpoint protection products over mobile data connections
  • Monitor actual connection experiences to lower help desk and troubleshooting costs

Today's workers need access to their data while on the move from almost everywhere—not just when a dial-up port is convenient or when they're within range of a Wi-Fi hotspot. With Mobile Data Service from iPass, users get quick, easy and secure connections to corporate resources through cellular network technologies.

Unified Mobile and Wireless Connectivity
Remote and mobile workers use the iPassConnect universal client to access a range of wireless WAN networks that provide high-speed data connections, including GPRS, UMTS, EDGE, EV-DO Rev A, EV-DO Rev 0 and 1xRTT. iPass has integrated the mobile data networks of several providers into our virtual network and supports scores of mobile data cards for use on non-iPass networks.

Regardless of the network used for connecting, remote and mobile employees have a simple, intuitive interface for all connections which helps them get the access they need to stay productive. IT gains the same control and policies regardless of connection type and service-quality data that helps provide better troubleshooting while reducing support costs.

Service Options                         
Purchase Service from iPass:
iPass supplies the network, mobile data cards, one consolidated bill and quality of service reporting. The following mobile data services can be purchased from iPass:
  • EVDO Rev 0 and 1xRTT in the U.S. (Network A)
  • EVDO Rev A, EVDO Rev 0 and 1xRTT in the U.S. (Network B)
  • HSDPA in the U.K.
  • 3G UMTS in Singapore
  • EVDO in Japan
  • 3G UMTS in Hong Kong
  • 1xRTT in China

View Map of Mobile Data US—Network A

View Map of Mobile Data US—Network B

Bring Your Own Network
To give customers the broadest set of mobile data options, iPass offers integration with non-iPass networks and iPassConnect support for dozens of mobile data cards. Users benefit from a consistent connection experience over the service from your mobile operator of choice and IT receives service quality data to help with troubleshooting.

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